ON THE ROAD: Where the fudge are we?

For anyone out there in the bloggosphere: in case you were wondering, no we didn’t die, Lisbom still exists and we still live, breathe and exhale food. Which brings us to our main point: we are accutely incapable of being in Lisbon now because we took an airplane to a very serious case of Seoul,…


LET’S COOK IT: A creamy mushroom risotto, without cream

It was a cold Saturday evening when we went astray in a neighbourhood that we – after the sad loss of Crêperia da Ribeira – tend to avoid these days: Cais do Sodré. Time Out has taken over the area by creating the “perfect” gastronomic shopping centre, Mercado da Ribeira, offering a vast choice of dishes…

FÁBRICA COFFEE ROASTERS: Time for a Portuguese coffee revolution?

Since we saw the sign “Best Beans. Great Coffee.” on the outside of a house in one of Lisbon’s most touristic streets, we have been critically eyeing the setting up and furnishing of Fábrica Coffee Roasters. Today, while we were on the way to Lisbon’s best ice cream shop Mú (review coming soon…) we saw that they had finally opened. Already the menu was exciting to us – we could not only choose between a factory blend (70% Brazil and 30% Ethiopia) and single origin coffee but they are also offering filter coffee like V60 and Aeropress. While the factory blend did not impress us immensely, the single origin coffee from both Ethiopia and Columbia with its complex flavours can keep up with international coffee breweries like Berlin’s The Barn.