ON THE ROAD: Where the fudge are we?

For anyone out there in the bloggosphere: in case you were wondering, no we didn’t die, Lisbom still exists and we still live, breathe and exhale food. Which brings us to our main point: we are accutely incapable of being in Lisbon now because we took an airplane to a very serious case of Seoul, South Korea. In the meantime, here is a picture of a place where you can buy a pastel de nata in Seoul.


Yes, they do all kinds of weird, funky stuff here with pasteis de nata but oh my sweet, creamy Lord, the one we had with caramelized walnuts on top was sheer delight and makes much more sense than the weird, sickly sweet combinations we found at a shop in Braga with toppings such as Nutella and strawberry jam. This pastel de nata was far from a travesty, with a seriously crisp bottom. Once you have gotten over the fact that it is not ‘100 % traditional’, in its “raw” state was a traditional though eggy pastel the nata tucked underneath crunchy walnuts that tasted much better than many other dusty, soggy pasteis de nata we’ve had in many a Portuguese pastelaria.

Other than that, the food in Seoul is astounding: there is enough food here in this city for a lifetime; coffee, beer, seafood, beef, stews, noodles, intestines, there’s no wrong way to go here. Except maybe for the Korean pizza that includes all thinkable and unthinkable toppings, including sweet potato, broccoli, garlic mayonnaise, or even strawberries .Let’s skip that until we’ve tried everything else.




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