LIVING ROOM RESTAURANT IMG_6451We love food, not only eating it, but also cooking it. Nout does some great homemade pasta dishes, risotto’s, curries, tagines but sucks at delicate pastry work. Nora on the other hand is much better with delicate pastry work and can cook you some Asian food (especially from Korea) which will make the steam come out of your ears. Woot woot! We both, modest as we are, know how to treat chocolate and coffee really well (or rather, to treat our guests well with chocolate and coffee). Want to try it? Cry no more! Via this website, you can book a table at Nout’s place, which, depending on the meal, costs about 30 to 35 euros, wine and drinks included. See if there’s anything on offer that you like, but we can also cook you a surprise menu. Be our guest and put your tastebuds to the test!



Join us on a Saturday morning for a relaxed walk to an organic market. We buy some seasonal veggies which we will then cook up in Nora’s beautiful apartment with a view of Alfama and the botanical garden. We will share with you our special tricks and tips for making an interesting vegetable dish (we take our veggies seriously: grilling, frying, deep-frying, steaming, it’s all in our dictionary) which we will then eat together, all of it accompanied of course by a nice glass of wine (or two, we’re not stingy). If you want to give your weekend a great start, just get in touch and we’ll do the rest.

If Saturday noon is not an option for you, there are loads of other dishes and techniques we can offer. Whether you want to learn how to make a fabulous baba ganoush (aubergine puree) with a slight smokey touch or how to cure your own bacon, make your own pasta or a creamy risotto or polenta, we can handle that. Aside from having the food blog Lisbom where we criticize the culinary scene in Lisbon, we are both passionate, self-taught cooks.

Nout can show you how to make the most crispy, fluffy french fries that will make the room start to shake. He also likes to cook meat at home for large groups of friends and tends to prefer free-range meat and can make a curry that will turn your head into a steamboat. Nora on the other hand has specialized in the colorful, relatively obscure Korean cuisine and can show you how to make an exotic soft tofu stew or incredibly savory pancakes with spring onion. When she puts her German roots to good use, she can show you how to make melt-in your mouth cookies, buttery cakes or other desserts her grandma undoubtedly would have been proud to serve. We’re both language teachers so we love explaining things and we’d love to share our idea(l)s, techniques and little twists and tricks with you.

Either way, after every demonstration and explanation, we guarantee you that we will eat the dish together in a cozy, relaxed environment with some wine.



Come and see Lisbon through our eyes and get to know some of the fantastic restaurants and cafés that we’ve discovered in the many years that we’ve been living here. In a tour of about four hours, we will take you to the best of our Lisbom places (and others that we haven’t covered yet) for a food and drink tour around some of our favorite neighborhoods in the vicinity of Principe Real. Basically, we always know something nice to eat on every corner, whether it’s a perfected pastel de nata, a cozy place to share a glass of wine, an amazing cup of coffee in a family-run business or visiting a restaurant that re-invents Portuguese cuisine for accessible prices.

Our focus is mainly on small, personal businesses that are invested in their neighborhoods and treat their restaurants and cafés as meeting places, serving simple, unpretentious food and drinks. They, like us, have a story or two to tell. Because we know these businesses personally, we can answer any questions you might have and we can also introduce you to the owner (if it’s not too busy at least). We would love to share our passion for the city and some of the fantastic food, drinks and people that we’ve discovered with you!