No, we are not a regular food blog. Without wanting to sound too preachy, today’s blog / instagramified culture is predominantly focused on one thing and one thing only: producing content. Sure, we’ll deliver you beautiful, aesthetically pleasing food and restaurant photography but we’ll make sure that they’ll be accompanied by an original, thoughtful and extended think piece, essay, whatever you want to call it.

Hidden secrets and diamonds in the rough, that’s the way to go. Our focus is predominantly smaller cafés, non-chain restaurants, places with interesting stories you might not know. Furthermore, we believe in old school journalism: doing your research and trying to capture tastes, flavours, experiences, ideas. We will delve deep. Yes, you restaurateurs are of course more than welcome to treat us to a meal at your restaurant and you can expect an honest article in return.

usSee? This is us. Among many things, we are a language teacher and a project manager with many other interests and passions. Nout is a writer with a huge love for music and literature and Nora is a photographer addicted to travelling and incredibly good with computers and everything interweb. We have in the meantime lived long enough in Lisbon to call it something like our home (7 and 4 years respectively) and love the city and its history to bits. In case you should doubt that.

We are two people passionate about food. Seriously though, if we’re not eating, we’re mostly talking about food or wine. We are always hungry. It must be from all of that up- and downhill walking in Lisbon. We are both passionate cooks and we would love to cook for you!  Normally we’ll update the blog once every week but if we can’t make the time to write a good article that week because we’re too busy working or having fun, we won’t. For us, it’s about paying the same respect to the restaurants as they do to us, serving food and taking care of us.

We believe that food brings people together: for the half hour of a meal you sit down with friends or, just as good, strangers and enjoy the moment. This blog is an attempt at continuing a culinary conversation beyond the restaurant table. It’s not about being wrong or right, but provoking discussions and ideas, sharing experiences and giving Lisboetas and tourists some of our own personal tips and suggestions of how to spend a nice couple of hours in this beautiful city. We are two very open people and we intend for the blog to be that way too. Thoughts, ideas, suggestions, wanting to join us for a meal, it’s all good, so don’t be shy and get in touch! 

Read us, like us, eat with us, let us cook for you. Feel the love!

All photos copyright by Nora Goerne, unless indicated otherwise

The beautiful Bacchus drawing / Lisbom logo was done by a friend of ours, Lara Lloret Iglesias. Check out her other wonderful work here: https://www.redbubble.com/es/people/laramaktub/portfolio