TAKE AWAY PIZZA IN PRINCIPE REAL: Verdachado vs. Pizza a pezzi – A stringy showdown!




Pizza a Pezzi

  Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the ultimate take away pizza showdown. Tonight on the left corner, the pizza from Verdachado also known as “the dough puncher”. On the right is the pizza from Pizza a pezzi, near Principe Real and known around the block as “the pizza slicer”. So, get your floured gloves on, get the cheese melting scolding hot and let’s get ready to rumble!


Pizza a Pezzi


Pizza a Pezzi

Ding, ding, ding! Round number one. From the instant both competitors go into the ring giving it everything that they got. “Verdachado”, an initiative from Matteo “Pallina” Leombruni with 10 years of pizza making experience and with help from the ever so loyal Keshab Lamichane, is dealing dangerous left- and righthand suckerpunches to the fresh dough whereas “Pizza a Pezzi” is living up to their nickname as they slice the pizza they have previously made – with a scissor. This is seriously dangerous stuff ladies and gentlemen. Upon seeing this, the audience boos and hollers insults but “Pizza a Pezzi”, despite some serious mistreatment of Italian traditions, manages to get their pizza faster in the oven than “Verdachado”.



Round number two ladies and gentlemen and the pizza’s have come out of the oven. The pizza from “Verdachado” attacks the one from “Pizza a Pezzi” with an amazing chewy crust so deliciously crispy on the charcoaled edges that the dry, overcooked, re-heated crust from “Pizza a Pezzi” doesn’t stand a chance. When it comes to the tomato sauce, “Pizza a Pezzi” is now hanging in the ropes with an acidic, unbalanced tomato sauce dripping from the dough and “Verdachado” is slowly but surely entering into a winning mood as their tomato sauce tastes simple, clean and vibrant.



After a short break, both pizza’s come back for the third round which will determine which pizza has the best toppings. Again ladies and gentlemen, “Verdachado” starts out strong with simple, classic toppings such as margarita or rocket and good quality ham, pushing “Pizza a Pezzi” into the corner. “Pizza a pezzi” attacks from the right with a greasy, dry four cheese pizza and an aubergine topped pizza tasting unpleasantly of raw garlic. Then, completely unexpected, a smoking hot, furious calzone jumps up on stage with a super crust, charged with tomato and beautiful gooey, sticky mozzarella and starts punching into “Pizza a Pezzi”.



“Pizza a Pezzi” falls down, no match for the fresh, homemade pizza’s and calzones of “Verdachado” and the referee counts to ten. “Pizza a Pezzi” doesn’t respond and lays down in a pool of its own grease. It’s a sorry sight ladies and gentlemen and the crowd here goes absolutely wild for the “Verdachado” pizza’s. It was an amazing bout full of cheesey, gooey excitement and red hot tomato sauce determining the “Verdachado” pizza the absolute winner when it comes to take away pizza’s in the center of Lisbon. Good prices, awesome quality, free home delivery and all the while keeping it traditional. In this business, it’s really about giving the audience what it wants and oh boy, did they deliver tonight!

(Nout Van Den Neste)


Opening hours: Everyday: 18h00-01h00
Home delivery: 18h30 until 00h30 (restricted area of free delivery, presumably only in the center of Lisbon, near Principe Real)
Address: Rua Conceiçao da Gloria 48 1250-096 Lisboa
Phone Number: 213 471 211
Homepage: http://www.verdachado.pt/ 

Pizza a Pezzi

Opening hours: Mon-Sat: 11h30–02h00, closed on Sundays
Address: Rua D. Pedro V 84, 1250-094 Lisboa
Phone Number: 934 563 170
Homepage: http://pizzaapezzi.pai.pt/


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